Morning Musume - Summer Night Town tab version 1

Summer Night Town

This is the Hello Pro Hour Yaguchi/Kei's version. It's easy (Do you know James Brown?) 
the chords are somewhat pro, especially when it modulates to F-:

E-  E-9  B7

(....Smile, Smile, Smile...)
CM7  B7  E-  E-9  (x3)
CM7  B7b9
(...Daikirai, daikirai, daikirai, daisuki)
E-  (E-9)  E-  (E- 11)  E-  (E-11)  E-

E-7  A7 (x2)
B-  A-  C#-b5
E-7 A7 (x2)B- A-7 E-7
Prechorus C D (7)/A E-7/B (E-9) C D (7) A-/C B7 Repeat Chorus, Prechorus and Chorus again Intermezzo (Try to slide the chords so it sounds more funky) CM7 B7 E- E-9 A7 (A6) C7 Chorus2 DbM7 C7 F- F-9 (x3) DbM7 C7b9 F- (F-9) F- (F- 11) F- (F-11 ) F- Repeat Chorus2 Final Chord: Db/Ab
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