Morning Musume - Ambitious Yashinteki De Ii Jan tab

Ambitious! Yashinteki de Ii jan

Well, this song is a monster. Never slow down. 
Length: 4:10

G   F#- A/C#  B7
A-  D7   Gsus4 (M11) G
A- (7) D7  G G/F#  E- E-/B 
A-/C  B7  

C (M7)  B7add#9

Theme (This tab is just to give you a slight idea of what's going on here.)E- Ex:G/ 00000-00-00-00-000000-00-00--000000007-76-65-54-40000057--/D/ x00xx-xx-xx-xx-xx00xx-xx-xx--xxxxxxxxx-xx-xx-xx-xxxxxxxx--/A/ 2xx25-54-43-32-22xx25-54-43--257791075-54-43-32-27910757--/E/ 02300-00-00-00-002300-00-00--000000000-00-00-00-00000000--/ 1'''2 3 4 1 1'' '2 3 4 1'' '2
B7add#9 B7b9 B7 E- Verse: E- C* B- A- D7 G (sus4) A- (sus2) E- A- F#-7b5 B7 E- C* B- A- D7 G A (sus2) E- A- B7 E- G/D C D B7 Esus4 E C D F#-7b5/C B7 Repeat Chorus (x2). E-7 Metal Solo E-7 CM7 E-7 C#7 B7 C#-7b5 B7 C#-7b5 B7 CM7 x Bb7 D F#7b9 B (addb9) F#7/Bb B x B Repeat Chorus CM7 B7 Repeat Chorus again and theme CM7 Badd#5 B7 E-7sus4 E- x E- x E- Some chords C*:x3555x D7: x5453x B7add#9: x2123x E-7sus4: 022230 or 000030
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