Morning Runner - Burning Benches tab

			Burning Benches by MORNING RUNNER
Tabbed by Alex T
First tab, blah blah etc. This isn't exactly how it's played in the song but it's a nice
way to play it one one guitar.
Obviously you'll want UltimatePiano if you're after a proper accurate version.

Standard tuning but  -         CAPO 2nd FRET!

D:    xx0232
A:    x02220
G:    320022
D5:   xx032x
Asus: x03340
||: xxxx :|| =repeat xxxx

Crescendo throughout the whole thing.


D A G D5e|--22222222|22233220|00000000|02233220|33333333|32233220|--------|--------|B|--33333333|3-------|22222222|2-------|33333333|3-------|33333333|33333333|G|----------|--------|--------|--------|--------|--------|22222222|22222222|D|----------|--------|--------|--------|--------|--------|--------|--------|A|----------|--------|--------|--------|--------|--------|--------|--------|E|----------|--------|--------|--------|--------|--------|--------|--------|
VERSE [same strum frequency as intro but go for the whole chord, and put in some frills like the chorus - mess around with the B string frets 0,2 and 3 as well, it all sounds good] D ||: Let us make amends A We're not overly good friends G D5 But it's not heaven without you D You can have it all A We'll see mountains fall G But it's not heaven without you :|| [Do a little quiet bit on the top 2 strings, just a D with the little riff or something, come in loudly and with a bit faster strumming frequency]: D It's a symphony distorting A When we're not talking G D5 But its not heaven without you CHORUS [Another little quiet fill bit first, then go loud again, with fast strumming]: G There's just something different Asus With the air about you The signs, the shapes, the numbers G They never give me a clue A You can have it all G And I'm not burning benches Asus 'Cause the ash will make me choke It was me who always spluttered G Every time we spoke, we spoke A You can have it all Do another G - A, fast strumming and loud, and end on an Asus.
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