Morrison Van – Wild Night tab

I just added one little run to the chorus.  It goes from Em to C, to D,
back to Em. Good job all you other tabbers!

Wild Night - Van Morrison
>From "Tupelo Honey"

Funky high part at beginning:

  Em           Em              G  (alternates w/G6)

Funky little bass line (just the basic structure, varies a lot):
Em As you brush your shoes G (G6) And stand before the mirror Em And you comb your hair G (G6) And grab your coat and hat Em And you walk, wet streets G (G6) Tryin' to remember C All the wild night breezes D G In your mem'ry ever Em C And ev'rything looks so complete Em C When you're walkin' out on the street Em C And the wind catches your feet D And sends you flyin', cryin' Em C D Em Oooooooooooooo - wee D G The wild night is calling, alright Em C D Em Oooooooooooooo - wee D G The wild night is calling. And all the girls walk by Dressed up for each other And the boys do the boobie-woogie On the corner of the street And the people passin' by Just stare in wild wonder And inside the juke-box Roars out just like thunder. Ooooh - wee The wild night is calling The wild night is calling Come on out and dance Come on out and make romance...
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