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Date: Tue, 12 Dec 95 19:00:03 EST
From: Winston Campbell 
Subject: JACK THE RIPPER by Morrissey

Jack The Ripper
	(Morrissey/Boz Boorer)

I'm taking this song off of the "World of Morrissey" CD, which means I'm
transcribing a live version of this song.  It's a pretty neat song indeed in
my humble opinion.

Before I do anything, the guitar for the chorus section (the "crash into my
arms" part) is:

  A             E                 D            E                 A

E ----------------|-----------------|-------------|----------------|B -6~---6--7-9-6~-|--6-6-6--7-9--6~-|--6--7-9-6~--|-9-9-9--7--6----|G ----------------|-----------------|-------------|-------------7~-|D ----------------|-----------------|-------------|----------------|A ----------------|-----------------|-------------|----------------|E ----------------|-----------------|-------------|----------------|
A E D E F5 F#m
E ----------------|-----------------|-------------|----------------|B -6~---6--7-9-6~-|--6-6-6--7-9--6~-|--6--7-9-6~--|-9-9-9--10--11--|G ----------------|-----------------|-------------|----------------|D ----------------|-----------------|-------------|----------------|A ----------------|-----------------|-------------|----------------|E ----------------|-----------------|-------------|----------------|
The other important part that is featured in this song is that eerie guitar part which starts from a high-pitched note down (you know what I mean). I believe it's just (on the high E string):
E -18-18-17--/////(all the way down to the second fret)///----|B ------------------------------------------------------------|G ------------------------------------------------------------|D ------------------------------------------------------------|A ------------------------------------------------------------|E ------------------------------------------------------------|
The lyrics and chords for the song is as follows: Intro: F#m D Bm (4x) F#m D Bm Oh, you look so tired F#m D Bm Mouth is slack and wide F#m D Bm Ill-housed and ill-advised F#m D Bm A Your face is as mean as your life has been E D Crash into my arms E A I want you E D You don't agree but you don't refuse E - F5 I know you F#m D Bm And I know a place F#m D Bm Where no one is likely to pass F#m D Bm Oh, you don't care if it's late F#m D Bm And you don't care if you're lost F#m D Bm And, oh, you look so tired F#m D Bm But tonight you presume too much F#m D Bm Too much, too much F#m And if it's the last thing I ever do D Bm A I'm gonna get you E D Crash into my arms E A I want you E D You don't agree but you don't refuse E - F5 I know you Break: F#m F#m D Bm (4x) A E D E (2x)<-- played with chorus riff A E D Crash into my arms D A I want you E You don't agree D 'Cause you don't refuse E I know you End on F#m Note that the chorus starts on the A chord. The A chord appears on the last line in the verse of my transcription because Morrissey sings a second and a half after the chord is played. Blah blah blah. Just something I that I thought would confuse you. Bye-bye...
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