Morrissey - One Day Goodbye Will Be Farewell tab

One Day Goodbye Will Be Farewell
Years of Refusal

h = hammer on
p = pull off
/ = slide up
\ = slide down
() = ghost note
8va = octave up

First bass just hits F note, then:

F G | Am | F G | E | 
Dm  | Am | Dm  | G | 

Intro/verse riffs:

Am Dm G G (“…that you smell”) E---------|-1p0-----|----------|---------------------|---------|-0h1p0---|-----3---|----------|---------------------|-5-5/6\5-|-------2-|-------2-|-0h2--2/4-|-0h2--2/4--4h5p4-4p0-|-x-x-----|---------|---------|----------|---------------------|-2-2/3\2-|---------|---------|----------|---------------------|---------|---------|---------|----------|---------------------|---------|
Verse: C Always be carefull E Am F When you abuse the one you love G The hour or the day Am No one can tell F G E But one day goodbye will be farewell, and Dm Am You will never see the one you love again Dm G You will never see the one you love again C I have been thinking E Am F What, with my final brain cell How time grips you G Am Sliding in it's spell F G E And before you know goodbye will be farewell, and Dm Am You will never see the one you love again Dm G And the smiling children tell you that you smell C Well, just look at me E A savage beast Am I’ve got nothing to sell F And when I die G Am I want to go to hell F G E And that's when goodbye should be farewell, oh-oh! Bridge: Am C Ta-ta ta-ta, ta ta-taa F E Ta-ta ta-ta, ta ta taa Am F Ta-ta ta-ta, ta ta-taa Dm G Ta-ta ta-ta, ta ta taa Bridge riff: w/delay (hole bridge 8va)
Trumpet solo:
Am F---------------------|----------17---15----|-13---------|---------12------12--|----15-17---------17-|-----13-----|------13------15-----|---------------------|------------|---14----------------|---------------------|------------|---------------------|---------------------|------------|---------------------|---------------------|------------|
G E-15------------------|-12-------17-19------|-(19)-------|-----15-----------15-|---------------------|------------|---------------12----|---------------------|------------|---------------------|---------------------|------------|---------------------|---------------------|------------|---------------------|---------------------|------------|
F G Am Ooh, One day goodbye will be farewell F G Am So grab me while you still have the time
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