Morrissey - Ive Changed My Plea To Guilty chords

A very sentimental piece by Morissey about his loneliness, and how he breaks 
life's rules by being so.
There are already chords done by somebody else to this song, however they 
contained slight inaccuracies, so I've tried to correct them.
This one is transcribed by myself for a piano, but you can of course easily adapt it.
** For novices - G6 consists of the notes: G, B, D, E
** Gbm7b5 (what a mouthfull!) Can be broken down into: G flat minor 7, with a 
flattened 5. This equates to: Gb, A, C, E. It's essentially an Am chord with an 
added Gb at the beginning).

In 6/8
Around 60-70 BPM - Largetto

Solo piano intro: C G6 Am Gbm7b5 G6 (Once)


C G6 I'm standing in the dock,
Am Gbm7b5 G6 With my innocent hand on my heart.
F G6 C C7 I've changed my plea.
F G6 C C7I've changed my plea to guilty,
F E AmBecause freedom is wasted on me.
F Gbm7b5 G6See how your rules spoil the game?
____________________________________________________ Verse #2:
C G6 Am Outside there is a pain.
Gbm7b5 G6 CEmotional air raids exhausted my heart,
G6 Am Gbm7b5 G6And it's safer to be inside.
F G6 C C7So, I'm changing my plea,
F G6 C C7And no one can dissuade me,
F E AmBecause freedom was wasted on me.
F Gbm7b5 G6See how your rules spoil the game?
_________________________________________________ Verse #3:
C G6 AmSomething I have learned:
Gbm7b5 G6 CIf there is one thing in life I've observed -
G6 Am Gbm7b5 G6It's that everybody's got somebody.
F G6 C C7Ooh no, not me,
F G6 C C7 So I've changed my plea to guilty.
F E AmAnd reason and freedom is a waste
F Gbm7b5 G6 It's a lot like life.
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