Morrissey – Hold On To Your Friends tab ver. 2

Capo 4th fret


e|------------------------------------0----------|B|----------------------------3------------0-----|G|--------0---------0----------------------------| Repeat this three timesD|-----9---------8---------2---------------------|A|-11---------9---------3---------3--------------|E|-----------------------------------------------|
Then, fourth time
*Verse 1(All chord names relative of capo): Firstly, there's a chord that I dont know the name of, I've called it A?. It's this
*Now for the Verse..
e|------------0-------------------0---------------|B|---------------3-------------------3------------|G|--------0---------0---------0---------0---------|D|-----4------------------4-----------------------|A|--2------------------3--------------------------|E|------------------------------------------------| A bond of trust.....
e|------------0-------------------0---------------|B|---------------3-------------------3------------|G|--------0---------0---------0---------0---------|D|-----4------------------4-----------------------|A|--2------------------3--------------------------|E|------------------------------------------------| Has been abused.....
Am D G Something of value G C May be lost A? G Give up your job G C A? Squander your cash - be rash Am D Just hold on to your friends *Back to Intro *Verse 2 - Same Chords as Verse 1: There are more than enough To fight and oppose Why waste good time Fighting the people you like Who will fall defending your name Oh, don't feel so ashamed.. * Back to Intro over this line To have friends *Verse 3 - Same chords again But now you only call me When you're feeling depressed When you feel happy I'm So far from your mind My patience is stretched My loyalty vexed Oh, you're losing all.. *Back to Intro over this line of your friends G C Hold on to your friends A? G Hold on to your friends G C Resist - or move on A? G Be mad, be rash G C Smoke and explode A? G Sell all of your clothes G C Just bear in mind : A? Am D Oh, there just might come a time.. *Intro over this line When you need some friends Outro gets all electrified so I haven't done this..
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