Morrissey – Late Night Maudlin Street chords

Late Night, Maudlin Street Chords

The verse pattern alternates the root notes twice, for example, 
in [C, Cmaj7] you play C in first fret, second string (Strum) 
and then play it open (strum) 
- you do this twice and switch to: 
[G, G/F#] where you play G on the first string, 
third fret (strum) and then play F# on the second fret (Strum) - twice again. 
You may also play a G7 before returning to the E 
on the chorus before returning to the verse, the F note 
first string adds a nice effect. 
The last bars of the song are mostly 
guitar effects and so I tried to fit 
in some chords that you can use over 
them, but it's not very accurate...if 
all else fails you can fade with the 
verse. The song sounds quite nice on 
acoustic, with a gentle singing tone. 
It is a phenomenal song, it should 
prove Morrissey's excellence as an artist.

Standard Tuning

C Cmaj7 G G/F# D6 Bm7 E------0--0----3---2---2---2---| B------1--0----3---3---0---3---| G------0--0----0---0---2---2---| D------2--2----0---0---0---4---| A------3--3----2--(2)--x---2---| E------x--x----3---3---x---x---|
C, Cmaj7Winter coming
G, G/F#Winter push on
(push on) Oh, winter push on
C,Cmaj7Winter is so long
G, G/F#Winter moves on
Em Bm7The last night on Maudlin Street
D EmGoodbye house, goodbye stairs
Em Bm7I was born here and I was raised here
D6 E(G7,E)And I took some stick here
C, Cmaj7Love at first sight
It may sound trite
G, G/F#But it's true, you know
C, Cmaj7I could list the detail
Of everything you ever wore or said
G, G/F#Or how you stood the day
As we spent the
Em Bm7last night On Maudlin Street
D Em"Goodbye house, forever!"
Em Bm7I never stole a happy hour
D6 E (G7, E)Around here
C, CMaj7Where the world's ugliest boy
G, G/F#Became what you see
C, Cmaj7 G,G/F#Here I am - the ugliest man
Em Bm7Oh, the last night on Maudlin Street
D EmTruly I do love you
Em Bm7 D6 E(G7,E)Oh, truly I do love you
C, CMaj7When I sleep
G, G/G#With that picture of you framed beside my bed
C, Cmaj7Oh, it's childish and it's silly
G, G/F#But I think it's you in my room, by the bed
(...yes, I told you it was silly...)
Em Bm7And I know, I took strange pills
D EmBut I never meant to hurt you
Em Bm7 D6 E(G7,E)Oh, truly I love you
C, CMaj7Came home late one night
G,G/F#Everyone had gone to bed
C,Cmaj7But, you know, no-one stays up for you
I had sixteen stitches
G,G/F#All around my head
Em Bm7Oh, the last bus I missed to Maudlin Street
D EmSo he drove me home in the Van
Em Bm7 D6 E(G7,E)Complaining, "Women only like me for my mind..."
C,Camj7Don't leave your torch behind
G,G/F#A power cut ahead; 1972, you know
C, Cmaj7And so we crept through the park
G, G/F#No, I cannot steal a pair of jeans off a clothesline
For you
Em Bm7But you ... without clothes
D EmOh, I could not keep a straight face
Em Bm7Me - without clothes ?
D6 E(G7,E)Well, a nation turns its back and gags...
EI'm packed
C, Cmaj7I am moving house
G,G/F#A half-life disappears today
C,Cmaj7With "every hag waves me on"
G,G/F#(secretly wishing me gone)
Well, I will be soon
D EOoh, I will be soon
D EI will be soon
D EI will be soon
D EWill be soon, I will be soon
C, Cmaj7, G, G/F#, C, Cmaj7, G, G/F#Mmm ... I will be soon, I will be soon
Em Bm7There were bad times on Maudlin Street
D EmThey took you away in a police car
Em Inspector - don't you know ?
Bm7Don't you care ?
D6 E(G7,E)Don't you know - about Love ?
C, Cmaj7Your gran died
And your mother died
G,G/F#On Maudlin Street
C, Cmaj7In pain, and ashamed
With never time to say
G,G/F#those special things ... oh
Em Bm7I took the key from Maudlin Street
D EmWell, it's only bricks and mortar !
Em Bm7 D6 E(G7,E)Oh, oh, truly I love you
(E)Oh, wherever you are
Wherever you are
C, cmaj7Wherever you are
G,G/F#I hope you're singing now
C, Cmaj7Oh, I do hope
G,G/F#I hope you're singing now
Gm F COh ...
Note: You can try this pattern for the verse if you'd like:
C Cmaj7 C Cmaj7 G G/F# G G/F# E-------------------------------------3--2--2------3--2--2---| B------1--0--0--------1--0--0----------3--3--3------2--3--3--| G---0---0--0--0----0---0--0--0------0---0--0--0--0---0--0--0-| D--2-2---2--2--2--2-2---2--2--2----0-0----------0-0----------| A-3--------------3-------------------------------------------| E--------------------------------3-------------3-------------|
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