Morrissey – Sister Im A Poet tab ver. 2

Gma7/A6/Gma7/E/E(alternate with pinky on F# note on hi E string)
G x2/A x2/G x2/E/E(alternate with pinky on F# note)
G x2/A x2/G x2/E/E(alternate with pinky on F# note)

The Gma7: The A6:e-2-- --2------|B-3-- --2------|G-4-- --2------|D-5-- --2------|A-0-- --0------|E---- ---------|
Verse A(5th fret)x3/B(7th fret)x2/C#m(9th fret)x3/B x2 A x3/C#m x2/B x3
then pick out something like these notese---7-5---7-5-75----------------------|B------------------7-5--4-5-4-5555554-|G-6-----6----6---6--6--4-4-4----------|D-------------------------------------|A-------------------------------------|E-------------------------------------|
then almost the same thinge---7-5---7-5-75----------|B----------------7-5--4---| these lastG-6-----6----6---6-6--4---| three more slowlyD-------------------------|A-------------------------|E-------------------------|
Then to chorus, which is like the intro minus the opening three chords E G x2 A x2 G x2 E (alternate w/ pinky on hi F# note) Closing is something like this G~/A x4/G x2/A x4/G x2/E if you have a second guitarist, you can throw lots of fuzzy Vini Reilly style leads in around the E chord in the chorus and elsewhere
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