Morrissey – Hold On To Your Friends tab

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Hi everyone.

Here's the tab for "Hold on to your friends" Of my favourite singer, Morrisey.
As you may see, i couldn't transcribe the main part, and the intro is very
basic and needs improvment too, but i guess that it's better than nothing :).

Intro :

There are tw guitars in the intro, an electric one and an accustic
one. The electic plays that :

And the accustic plays that :
and after that he stars to sing. Here are the chords, they sound ok, but i could define one of them, and i called him C?. You can post me the name of it. Anyway, here they are. @Song: Hold on to your friends C G F A bond of trust C G F Has been abused Dm G Something of value C C? F May be lost Fm C Give up your job C? F Fm Squander your cash - be rash Dm G Am G F Just hold on to your friends C F There are more than enough C F To fight and oppose Dm G Why waste good time C C? F Fighting the people you like Fm C C? F Who will fall defending your name Fm Dm G Oh, don't feel so ashamed Am G F To have friends Dm C F But now you only call me C F When you're feeling depressed Dm G C When you feel happy I'm C? F So far from your mind Fm C My patience is stretched C? F My loyalty vexed Fm Dm G Am G F Oh, you're losing all of your friends C C? F Hold on to your friends Fm C Hold on to your friends C? F Resist - or move on Fm C Be mad, be rash C? F Smoke and explode Fm C Sell all of your clothes C? F Just bear in mind : Fm Dm G Oh, there just might come a time Am G F When you need some friends Chord formations : C 332010 C? x11131 F 133211 Fm 133111 G 355433 Dm xx0231 or x57765 Am x01220 Ok, that's about it. For any comments or corretions - feel free to e-mail me at: Itay kashti . Bye. Itay.
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