Morrissey - Dial-a-cliche tab version 2

Capoed on the 2nd Fret, all fret numbers counted from the capo.


Riff 1   Play during verse

e -------------------------------------------------------|b -------------------------------------------------------|g -------------------------------------------------------|d ----5-------7-------5-----7-H-8---------8--7----------|a -----------------------------^-------------------------|e -------------------------------------------------------|
Riff 2 during choruse--------------------------------------------------------------|b--------------------------------------------------------------|g--12---12---11----11/9-------------11-------------------------|d-----9----------9---------------------------9/4---------------|a--------------------------------------------------------------|E--------------------------------------------------------------|
Chords D F#m Bm D G Gm D D F#m Bm Further into the fog I fall D G Gm D well, I was just following you! D when you said: A "Do as I do and scrap your fey ways" C G D (dial-a-cliche) A "grow up, be a man, and close your mealy-mouth!" C G D (dial-a-cliche) C G D dial-a-cliche C G D dial-a-cliche D F#m But the person underneath Bm where does he go? D G does he slide by the wayside? Gm D or...does he just die? D F#m and you find that you've organised Bm D your feelings, for people G who didnt like you then Gm D and do not like you now D yet still you say: A "Do as I do and scrap your fey ways" C G D (dial-a-cliche) A "grow up, be a man, and close your mealy-mouth!" C G D (dial-a-cliche) C G D "the Safe way is the only way! C G D there's always time to change, son!" C G D Ive changed but Im in pain! C G D dial-a-cliche
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