Mortician - Be My Victim tab

Song: Be My Victim
Band: Mortician
Album: ReAnimated Dead Flesh

Tabbed By: Scott Carlin

This Is A Very Good Song. It Took Me A While To Figure Out But
Here It Is, Its At Least 99.9% Correct So Have Fun...

Riff 1 Riff 2|--------------------||-------------|||--------------------||-------------|||--------------------||-------------|||--------------------||-------------|||-0-/4-1--4-3-3-2-2--||-------------|||-0-/4-1--4-3-3-2-2--||-0-4-1-4-3-2-|| . . . . . " " " " " "
Thats It.....The Whole Song Is Just Different Variations Of Riff 1 & 2 ( Heavy Palm Muting Tremolo Picking etc. ) Its Very Hard To Hear The Guitar At Some Parts But It's Always The Same Notes (0, 4, 3, 2, 1, etc.) When You're Using The Heavy Palm Muted Version Of Riff 2 You Have To Use Power Chords Like In Riff 1. Okay.....I'm Going To Stop Talking Now............. PLEASE RATE THIS TAB :)
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