Mortification - Lock Up The Night tab

Lock Up The Night- very basic version in Drop D

I didnīt tab out the solo and I donīt claim to show
exactly how they play it but this tab sounds good
played along with the album so I think itīs worth posting.
Drop your low E string 2 half-steps for this song.
(Please ignore if some  appear, i donīt know what this is)

while Steve Rowe sings the line "Lock Up The Night"

E ------|B ------|G ------|D 00-00~|A 00-00~|D 00-00~|
1b. (listen to it for the rhytm, itīs easy):
E ---------------|B ---------------|G --and----and --|D 0-----7------5-|A 0-----7------5-|D 0-----7------5-|
1c"pray for morning"
E ------|B ------|G ------|D 3~32~1|A 3~32~1|D 3~32~1|
2.Now the part with the strange time meter. You might need to listen a few times to get rhytm. Itīs not really difficult but itīs really odd if you havenīt played stuff like this. It first comes in without vocals and continues while the part "Take the day now for the Lord" is sung.
2aE --------|E --------|B --------|G --------|D 7h87~0~5|A 7h87~0~5|D 7h87~0~5|
2bB --------|G --------|D 7h87~-22|A 7h87~-22|D 7h87~-22|
after the guitar solo (about 1.56) you alternatly play 2a and
2cE --------|E --------|B --------|G --------|D 7h87~0~3|A 7h87~0~3|D 7h87~0~3|
When the singing comes in you switch back to playing 2a,2b and so on ~ - let ring h - hammer on Have fun with it and please comment and rate!
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