Mortification - Gut Wrench tab

Gut Wrench
                      As recorded by Mortification
                      Words and music by Steve Rowe
                      From the album "Primitive Rhythm Machine" 1995
                      Tabbed by Antti Pernu  -81
                      Date Fri, 11 April 21:09:14   1997

       Riff A                    Riff B
7 times e|--------------------------+---------------------------|| B|--------------------------+---------------------------|| G|------------------------*-+---------------------------|| D|--8---\-----------------*-+---------------------------|| A|--7---\-------------------+-----9-----5-----3---------|| E|----------0--0----0---0---+--0--7--0--3--0--1---------|| p.m- - - - - -| p.m - -| p.m
Rhythm Figure 1 4 times e|----------------------------+-------------------------------|| B|----------------------------+-------------------------------|| G|----------------------------+-------------------------------|| D|--9------------8------------+--6------------4----7----------|| A|--7------------6------------+--4------------2----5----------|| E|-------0--0----------0--0---+-------0--0--------------------|| p.m-| p.m-| p.m-|
Rhythm Figure 2
e|---------------------------------------|| B|---------------------------------------|| G|---------------------------------------|| D|---------------------------------------|| A|---------------------------------------|| E|--0-0-0-0-3-0-0-0-5-0-0-0---6--5-------|| p.m- - - - - - - - - - |
Riff C 4 times e|--------------------+-----------------------------|| B|--------------------+-----------------------------|| G|--------------------+-----------------------------|| D|--7---10----9-------+--7---10---13---12-----------|| A|--0----3----2-------+--0----3----6----5-----------|| E|--------------------+-----------------------------||
Riff D guitar1 (p.m on both guitars) e|------------------------------+------------------------------------|| B|------------------------------+------------------------------------|| G|------------------------------+------------------------------------|| D|--7--7---10-10----9--9--9--9--+--7--7---10-10---13-13---12-12------|| A|--0--0----3--3----2--2--2--2--+--0--0----3--3----6--6----5--5------|| E|------------------------------+------------------------------------|| p.m- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -| guitar2
e|--------------------------+------------|| B|--------------------------+------------|| G|--------------------------+------------|| D|--8--\--------------------+------------|| A|--7--\--------------------+--2---------|| E|---------0--0----0---0----+--0---------|| p.m- - - - - -|
Words VERSE 1 I am gonna feel, when I'm gonna fall, in my heart now I have gotta see, what I've gotta do in my life how I have seen a change, I have seen a way, to be pure so I am gonna clean, I am gonna purge, out my soul now CHORUS Rising, falling Conviction, calling Gut wrench x3 I feel forlom Gut wrench x3 Saving my soul. VERSE 2 I am gonna kneel, I am gonna pray, to my God now I have gotta see, I have gotta wait, on His ways how Can I see a change, can I see a hope in this life that always has the bad, always has the flesh, in the foreground. CHORUS (repeat) BRIDGE The mighty ray of hope, into the heart of faith No man can purge himself, no man can save his face Almighty God on high, save our putrid souls You are the way, rejected by fools. VERSE 3 I have felt a joy, I have felt a peace, in my heart now I have need a faith, I have need a grace, in my life how Can I be the same, can I be the way, that I was then When I have the Lord, when I have the cross, in my mind now. CHORUS (repeat) Song-Order ############ Riff A 7 times Riff B Riff A 3 times Riff B VERSE 1 with (Rhythm Figure 1) 4 times PRE-CHORUS with (Riff B) 4 times CHORUS with (Riff A) 3 times Riff B VERSE 2 with (Rhythm Figure 1) 4 times PRE-CHORUS with (Riff B) 4 times CHORUS with (Riff A) 3 times Riff B Rhythm Figure 2 8 times BRIDGE with (Riff C) 4 times GUITAR SOLO with (Rhythm Figure 2) 4 times (Riff D) 4 times Rhythm Figure 2 4 times VERSE 3 with (Rhythm Figure 1) 4 times PRE-CHORUS with (Riff B) 4 times CHORUS with (Riff A) 3 times Riff B Rhythm Figure 2 4 times BRIDGE with (Riff C) 4 times Rhythm Figure 2 4 times CHORUS with (Riff A) 3 times Riff B Outro Tablature Explanation ------------------------ p.m = Palm mute N.H = Natural Harmonic a.h = Artificial Harmonic h = Hammer-on p = Pull-off / = Slide up \ = Slide down ^ = bend () = Tied note = Tremolo Picking "
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