Mortification – 40 31 tab

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Author/Artist: Motification
Title: 40:31
Album: Primitive
Transcribed by: Christiaan

great song, 

I've tabt what I know (what is nut so verry much) 
But its a start ;)

-|-----------------------------------|-------------------|---------------------|-----------------------------------|-------------------|---------------------|*---------------------------------*|-------------------|---------------------|*7--9-----9-----9----9----9-----9-*|--7----5----4----5-|---------------------|-5--7-7-7-7-7-7-7-7-7-7-7-7-7-7-7--|--5----3----2----3-|---------------------|-----------------------------------|-------------------|-------------------- x3 times Verry fast P.M. with some rithm chance
-|-----------------------------------------------------------------------------|-----------------------------------------------------------------------------|-----------------------------------------------------------------------------|-----------------------------7--9--------------------------------------------|----5-----7-----9-----10-----5--7--------------------------------------------|-0--3--0--5--0--7--0--8----------------------------------------------------- E G E A E B E C D E
40:31 Verse 1 I live on a wing and a prayer In majesty I ride. Inheritance of royalty Flows within my blood Soaring to the heights The eagle shall be bold. CHORUS Isaiah 40:31 Isaiah 40:31 Verse 2 I ride the wings of change Agile in the wake of hate Ruling with an iron sword Death to my taunting prey. Faithful to my final quest The eagle shall be bold. CHORUS Verse 3 Those who wait on the Lord They shall renew their strength Mount up with wings like eagles They'll walk and shall not faint They'll run and not be weary The eagle shall be bold CHORUS
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