Mother Mother – Burning Pile chords

Mother Mother - Burning Pile
Album: O My Heart

Pretty much all barre chords (6th and 3rd fret for Bb and Gm respectively).

Bb           Gm


All my style, all my grace,
all I try to save my face,

Gmall my guts try to spill,
all my holes try to fill.
BbAll my money been a long time spent,
On my drugs, on my rent.
GmOn my saving philosophy, it goes:
one in the bank and the rest for me.
FIt goes:
EAll my troubles on a burning pile,
Bb Fall lit up and I start to smile.
ELive up,
BbCatch fire then I change my aim,
F EThrow my troubles at the pearly gates
BbOohh.. oh oh oh..
oh.. oh oh oh ohhh..
GmOhh oh oh..
BbMy my my lonely maid,
got the buns in the oven and she never got laid,
GmMy papa, Renaissance man,
sailed away and he never came back again. Bb Am Gm F Bb Am Gm F# (quick descending riff) Then back into the chorus right away again with an F.
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