Mother Mother - Legs Away tab version 1

Fantastic song, great band. All credit goes to Mother Mother.

This is in the intro / part that plays during and after the chorus.

I was bothered that this hadn't been tabbed yet so I listened and figured it
out. It says intros are not much welcomed here but this part holds 
consistent for most of the song. I tried to get the timing somewhat accurate
but you can figure it out if you listen to the song. It's easy and fun to 
play. I might try to figure out the chords later. Email questions/comments
/concerns/liabilities to Enjoy.

Standard tuning, no capo

/ = slide down
<#> = natural harmonic

Into/Riff----0----0-----0-----------------------------------------------------|--------------------3-----3-----3------------------------------------|------0-----0----0-----0-----0----0--5----5----5----4----4----4------|---------------------------------------5----5----5----5----5---------|---------------------------------------------------------------------|12/0-----------------------------------------------------------0-----| x 2
Part II (directly after Intro leading into verses)------0-----0-----------0------<12>----------------------|-0-------3-----3--0---------<12>-------------------------|----1----------------1-----------------------------------|---------------------------------------------------------|---------------------------------------------------------|---------------------------------------------------------|(Part II is played after every chorus)
There's also a consistent 4/4 strumming of the open low E string during the Intro/Riff but this is might be executed by the bass in the song so I chose not to incorporate it in the tab.
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