Mother Mother – Happy chords

E Ask me if Im happy I dont know
B If it is a place we need to go
EAsk me if I'm happy, I don't care
BMaybe I'd be happy, if you disappear
C#mMaybe I'd be happy, if you give me drugs
A E Drugs can make a fuck last all night long
B But nothing makes me happy about getting off,
E Reaching for the saddest, little cloth
BReaching for the water, on the sill
E Water with the saddest, little film
C#mAsk me if I'm happy, What does it mean?
A E I'll tell you that I am if you tell me I'm dreaming
B Wake up in a place I've never been
EWake up to a face I've never seen
B Wake up with the purest, sense of being
EWake up to a woman, that isn't screaming
C#mAsk me if I'm happy... La la laaaa
A EHappy is a pill for the faint of hearts
Fm D (Fm D )Happy is a ..... place in the dark!) ( In the dark) X2
B Ya you know it is...
E A ... Yeaaaaaaaahhhhhhh
E A ... Yeaaaaaaaahhhhhhh
Second CHorus
FmAsk me if I'm happy, one more time
D AI'll give you a reply if you give me your eye
E Leave you with an itty, bitty, hole.
A Well it's nothing like the one inside my soul
E It's nothing like the canyon, of my heart
A Well at least I got some room to, fall apart
FmAsk me if I'm happy, I'll tell you what
D AHappy is a diamond in the rough
Fm D (Fm D )Happy, it aint... enough! ( enough!) X2
B (hold) Oh you know it aint...
*E (End on E Holded) Tabbed by Nelzlo Chords and lyrics were all done by ear. Enjoy!
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