Motherjane - Mindstreet chords

hi....this one of my first tabs...ankit here..
mindstreet by motherjane

Em Bm Mmm, I take a step
Amin my sleep,
C DThe id lies bleeding in mindstreet.
Em Bm Am My angel's shot, full of holes
C DBut now I know how to get him home.
continue the same chord pattern....... In this world made of myth, The rules change with every beat There's magic in the air, 'Cos here the gods hear your prayer.
chorus|---------------------------------------------------------------------------||---------------------------------------------------------------------------||------------7/9-----------5/7-------------4\5------------------------------||------------7/9-----------5/7-------------4\5------------5\ slide ---------||------------5/7-----------3/5-------------2\3------------5\ slide ---------||--0-0-0-0-------0-0-0-0------0-0-0-0-------0-0-0-0-3\ slide ---------------|Come act your dream in mindstreet.Do what you want, go where you please.Kick the devil in his B'sStop living on your bleeding knees.
the rest of the song follows the same.... Will... not give up, they say, This is the way to Serendip. Close your eyes, learn to breathe, The oceans are just a few thoughts deep. Believe me... not in me, The messenger is rarely worth it. If you wanna trip, go inside Where the secrets of the universe hide. And this is how, it's meant to be The journey is the way you pay the fee. Come act your dream in mindstreet. Do what you want, go where you please. Kick the devil in his B's You don't have to live on your knees. Keep coming back, oh yeah Human kind has always sensed this track. Feels better everytime, To know, that we all are divine hope this helped....its a great song...cheers to motherjane... More lyrics: All about Motherjane: More lyrics: All about Motherjane: More lyrics: All about Motherjane:
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