Motion City Soundtrack - History Lesson tab

These are just the chords for each section of the song.. it's fairly easy to 
figure out the strumming pattern. 

			     History Lesson - Motion City Soundtrack
Tabbed by: Sean

Tuning: Half-Step Up or Capo on the first fret

Intro/Choruse|-3----3----3---2-----|B|-3----3----3---3-----|G|-0----0----0---2-----|D|-0----2----2---0-----| x2A|-2----2----3---0-----|E|-3----0----x---x-----|
Versee|-3---2-----------|B|-3---3-----------|G|-0---2-----------|D|-2---0-----------| x3A|-3---0-----------|E|-x---x-----------|
Chorus x2 Verse x5 Chorus x2
Bridgee|-3---2---3--------|B|-3---3---3--------|G|-0---2---0--------|D|-2---0---2--------| x3A|-2---0---3--------|E|-0---x---x--------|
Bridge ends with the build-up of this chord:e|-2-|B|-3-|G|-2-|D|-0-| A|-0-|E|-x-|
The rest of the songs is transposed a whole step up, or a capo on the 3rd fret.
e|-3---3---3-----|B|-3---3---3-----|G|-0---0---0-----|D|-0---2---2-----| x7A|-2---2---3-----|E|-3---0---x-----|
Then:e|-2---|B|-3---|G|-2---|D|-0---| x16A|-0---|E|-x---|
Ending on:e|-3---|B|-3---|G|-0---|D|-0---|A|-2---|E|-3---|
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