Motion City Soundtrack – A Lifeless Ordinary Need A Little Help tab ver. 3

This part is kind of difficult to hear and plays in the background from 2:14
to 2:34 during the bridge. I first really noticed it when playing it back 
reducing vocals in Goldwave, and I didn't see it on any tabs so I decided to
tab it out myself.

You'll have to listen to the song closely to get the rhythm right, otherwise
I suggest playing that section of the song in Goldwave (or similar audio 
editor) and applying the 'Reduced vocals with some stereo' effect.

Solo:e|--------------------------------------| I'd like to tell you thatB|--------------------------------------| I'm ready for whatever's comingG|--17/15-----------15----15-15-15-15---|A|--------13/15--17----17---------------|D|--------------------------------------|E|--------------------------------------|
e|--------------------------------------| But to be honest,B|------------------------15-15---------| there's a part of meG|--17/15-----------15----------17-15---| that loses controlA|--------13/15--17----17---------------|D|--------------------------------------|E|--------------------------------------| x2
After playing the above riff twice, end with this:
On the album, it sounds like only the first note is picked and the other two are just slid to, but it's hard to say definitively.
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