Father tab with lyrics by Motley Crue - Easy chords and tabs for guitar

Motley Crue – Father tab

By: motley crue
Song: Father
Tabbed by : silkmoth

I did a real quick tab for this, cos i saw that no one had it anywhere.
So this is the basics

I think hes in drop d for this tune, but i tabbed it for standard


- In the verses, hes fooling around with a type 2 E power chord. - Main Riff: Listen to song for rythem and whatnot.
|-----------------------12---||-------------------------12-||----------------------------||----------------------------||----------------------------||-12-10-12-10-12-10-12-------| Repeat
Riff 2
during the mini litte breakdown, This is where i discovered he was in drop D. Which was weird cos he didnt need to turn down to play it. He messes with a "F" You can play this on standard tuning :
If you wanted you could Tune down, and then transpose everything to play in Drop D.Even though the rest of the song, you really dont have to tune down. i dont know if nikki sixx uses a 6 string or not, if thats the case thats why he tuned down. And thats about it ANYONE WANT TO TAB THE DRUMS OUT FOR THIS SONG?? I DISPISE TABBING OUT DRUMS
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