Motorhead - Dead Men Tell No Tales tab

Guitar 1e|-------------------------------------------| ~~ = let it ringB|-------------------------------------------|G|-------------------------------------------|D|-------------------------------------------|A|-------------------------------------------|E|-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-(pick this very fast)-----| pm............... ^this is played throughout the whole song
Guitar 2e|------------------------------------------------------------|B|------------------------------------------------------------|G|------------------------------------------------------------|D|-5~~3-3-1-5------5~~3-3-0-1------8~~3-3-1-5------5~~3-3-0-1-| (x2)A|------------------------------------------------------------|E|------------------------------------------------------------|This part comes in at 0:09
at the end there is a slight sound of a guitar part when "a pirate's life for me" add it in if you want too
Lyrics: This is so loud, oh so loud ringing in my head. (Down here is our time) Two years ago, now we're here did we mean to do so? (It is so divine) I told you so, told you so It doesn't do it for me anymore. (Our music, we will shine) If you feel it too, then let it out now. (Cause down here is our time) A pirate's life for me!
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