Motorhead - Killed By Death tab

Tabbed By Guillermo Luppi:                        

In the no remorse album, this song is played in the standard 
tuning, but when the play it live, the play it tuned down to Eb

e|-----------------|B|-----------------|G|--------------5--|D|--------7--9--5--|A|--3--7--5--7-----|E|--1--5-----------| F A D E C
Intro Solo A Fe|--20-17-20-17-20-17-19-15-17-15^~-\8-10/11\10-8-10~---8-10-----------|B|-----------------------------------------------------------8-8h10~-\-|G|---------------------------------------------------------------------|D|---------------------------------------------------------------------|A|---------------------------------------------------------------------|E|---------------------------------------------------------------------|
E e|--------------------------------------|B|-----------------<6>----<5>-----------|G|-7-5-7^--<7>-<7>----<7>-----<7>--7~-\-|D|------(hold bend)---------------------|A|--------------------------------------|E|--------------------------------------|
I'll put it like this, so this way it's easier for you...and for me --------------Verse1------------- A C If you squeeze my lizard A C I'll put my snake on you A C I'm a romantic adventure A C And I'm a reptile too ---------Pre chorus----------- F But it don't make no difference D E 'cos I ain't gonna be, easy, easy E the only time I'm easy's when I'm --------------=CHORUS=--------------------- A Killed by death F Killed by death D Killed by death E Killed by death -----------------=VERSE2=--------------------------- I'm a lone wolf ligger But I ain't no pretty boy I'm a backbone shiver and I'm a bundle of joy -=PRECHORUS=- -=CHORUS=- -=CHORUS=- -=SOLO=- AFDE x2 -=BRIDGE=- Same as chorus but with palm muting. -=BRIDGE=- -=CHORUS=- Repeat to end. enjoy
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