Motorhead - No Voices In The Sky tab

Motörhead-"No voices in the sky"
tabbed by guillermo
Tune down to Eb (half a step)

1|-------------|2|-------------|3|-------------|4|-----7--9----|5|--7--5--7--4-|6|--5--------2-| A D E F#
-=INTRO=- DE x4 -=VERSE1=- D E Nobody gives a damn about anybody else, D E Think everybody should feel the way they feel themselves, D E Rich men think that happiness is a million dollar bills, D E So how come most of them O.D. on sleeping pills, -=PRE-CHORUS=- D E Eye for eye, tooth for tooth, you all know what I mean, D E What's the use of a cry for help, if no one hears the scream, E No one hears the scream, -=CHORUS=- A D E A D E No voices in the sky, confusion blinds the eye, A D E Can't take it with you when you die, A D E No voices in the sky, -=VERSE2=- The ones who dedicate the flags to make you brave, They also consecrate the headstone on your grave, Ritual remembrance when no one knows your name, Don't help a single widow learn to fight the pain, -=PRE-CHORUS=- -=CHORUS=- -=SOLO=- F# D F# E x2 E -=VERSE3=- Politicians kissing babies for good luck, T.V. preachers sell salvation for a buck, You don't need no golden cross, to tell you wrong from right, The world's worst murderers were those who saw the light. -=PRE-CHORUS=- -=CHORUS=- -=CHORUS=- -=OUTRO=- ADE x8
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