Mott The Hoople – All The Young Dudes chords

			     ALL THE YOUNG DUDES - Mott The Hoople
Tabbed by:Skellyton 465

Tuning:Standard Listen to song for the bend bits 
D D/C# Bm7 Bm7/A F#m7 1 1 1/2 1/2
A 1
D D/C# Billy rapped all night about his suicide,
Bm7 Bm7/A How he'd kick it in the head when he was twenty-five
F#m A Asus4 A Speed jive, don't wanna stay alive when you're twenty-five
D D/C# And Wendy's stealing clothes from Mark's & Sparks and
Bm7 Bm7/A Freddy's got spots from ripping off the stars
F#m A Asus4 A From his face - a funky little boat race
Em Em7 The television man is crazy
F# Bm7 sayin' we're juvenile delinquent wrecks
G D A Asus4 A Oooh, man, I need a TV when I've got T. Rex
Oh brother, ya guessed - I'm a dude yeah [In the chorus, the words in ( ) is the stuff that the lead singer's saying.] CHORUS:
D D/c# Bm7 All the young dudes (hey, dudes)
Bm7/A Am Carry the news (where are ya?)
Am7/G F Boogaloo dudes (stand up, c'mon)
C G C A D Carry the news
D Dmaj7 Bm All the young dudes (I wanna hear you)
D/A Am Carry the news (I wanna see you)
Am7/G F Boogaloo dudes (I wanna talk to you, all of you)
C G C A D Carry the news
VERSE 2: [play like verse 1] Lucy's looking sweet, coz he dresses like a queen, but he can kick like a mule, its a real mean team But we can love, oh yes, we can love And my brother's back at home with his Beatles and his Stones We never got it off on that revolution stuff What a drag - too many snags PRE-CHORUS: [play like first pre-chorus] Well I drunk a lotta wine and I'm feelin' fine Gonna race some cat to bed Is that concrete all around or is it in my head? Yeah, I'm a dude yeah CHORUS: [play like first chorus] All the young dudes (hey dudes) Carry the news (where are ya?) Boogaloo dudes (stand up) Carry the news All the young dudes (I wanna hear ya) Carry the news (I wanna see you) Boogaloo dudes (I wanna relate to you) Carry the news All the young dudes (what dudes?) Carry the news (I don't see any dudes, c'mon) Boogaloo dudes (I wanna kiss you) Carry the news All the young dudes (hey you there, with the glasses) Carry the news (I want you) Boogaloo dudes (...) Carry the news then keep playing the chorus and fade out. I can't hear any more of what the lead singer is saying. It's not important anyway. Just make up some stuff.
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