Mott The Hoople – Walkin With A Mountain tab

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FROM: Lukas Lechner, Woergl, Austria
DATE:  Sun, 03 Jun 2001 6:35 p.m. GMT+1
ARTIST: Mott The Hoople
SONG: Walkin' With A Mountain
ALBUM: Mad Shadows

		Walkin' With A Mountain
		written  by  Ian Hunter

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Intro: (key of B)E--------------------------------------------------------|B--------------------------------------------------------|G--------------------------------------------------------|D--------------------------------------------------------|A---9--9--11--9--9--9---11--9--9--9---11--9--9--9--------| etc.E---7--7--7---7--7--7---7---7--7--7---7---7--7--7--------|
B Verse: B B B E B A mountain train's coming down the tracks - she ain't wasting time, B B B E B She's following me, 'cos I'm going back, right to the end of the line, F# She know's I ain't been anywhere, Ab E Because I'll come back everytime to her. Chorus: B Walking with a mountain, E Walking with a mountain. Verse: B B B E B The troubles and tears, I take 'em in years - I left so many behind, B B B E B Maybe it's strange to rearrange - who know's what I'll find, F# But anything's better than the life I've known, Ab E I can't face anything that low, B Walking with a mountain, E Walking with a mountain. Solo over verses B Walking with a mountain, E Walking with a mountain. for the rest simply use the same chords Now when she talks to me, I can see just where I'm headed to, She sits, drinks, takes it all in, just to admire the view, But if I had my choice in life, I'd take that woman for my wife. Walking with a mountain, Walking with a mountain. [...] Jumping jack flash, it's a gas, Jumping jack flash, it's a gas. some soli again fade out Corrections, questions, comments and suggestions are always welcome, just e-mail me! __________________________________________________________ |"Won't you tell me, where have all the good times gone?" | | -Ray Davies, 1965 | | | |You can hardly listen to today's music. | | "music"? | |_________________________________________________________|
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