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Mott the Hoople

Roll Away The Stone.


SL SL SL BUe--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------|b--------12--13---17---------12--13---17---------12---13---15---15---17---15---17------|g----14-----------------14-----------------14------------------------------------------|
SL SL SL BU BUe---------------------------------------------------------------------------------|b--------12--13---17---------12--13---17---------12---13---15---15---17---15---17-|g----14-----------------14-----------------14-------------------------------------|
Verse: C G E7 Baby if you?d just say you care Am G F I?d follow you most anywhere C Roll away the stone G F Roll away the stone And in the darkest night I?d keep you safe and alright Roll away the stone Roll away the stone Chorus: C G F G Won?t you roll away the stone (Sha la la la) C G F G Why be cold and so alone (Sha la la la) C G F Won?t you roll away the stone G Am Don?t you let it die [Repeat Intro] Verse: No matter if fools say we can?t win I know I?d fall in love again Roll away the stone Roll away the stone So sing ?We still got chance? Baby at love and sweet romance Roll away the stone Roll away the stone [Repeat Chorus and Intro] Fill: Eb7 There?s a rockabilly party on Saturday night Ab Are you gonna be there? ? I got my invite Eb7 Gonna bring your records? ? Oh will do! Gsus G Gsus G Ha ha ha made it! [Repeat Chorus. Go to a ?C? on ?die?] Come on roll! (Won?t you roll away the stone) [Repeat and fade]
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