Mott The Hoople - Jerkin Crocus tab

                       Jerkin' Crocus - Mott The Hoople

Tabbed By: Me...

By: I.Hunter

Album: All The Young Dudes

Awesomness: Quite High.

Intro: A D A  A D A

A                                      D                    A    A
Old man Tyler had a crash in his car down on the fortune highway
A                                         D                    A
Doctor said it was his cruel sick heart didn't go to church on Sunday
A                          D         G
Oh your pace is going to knock you dead
A                         D         G
Out of the race you got time to spare
A                                      D       G
Jerkin' Crocus is the cause of the cross you bear
Didn't you wish you were there
I know what she want   
D                          A   A      
Just a lick of your ice cream cone     
I know what you say                    
D                   A   A   A         
Papas in bed well hey hey hey   


Under Solo

G A (?)
or you can do as they do in Mott Live; play the You Really Got Me Riff.
Big fix has been done.
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