Mount Eerie – The Blow Part 2 chords

COh Mikhaela you have burned me
AmYou have taken me and turned me
F GInto a cloud of smoke lost on a humming wind
CWere we wrestling or were we hugging?
Amand these backpacks we were lugging
F Gwhat deep damage we have done, you were my friend
Cthough the last three years were sunny,
Amthunderclouds shaded my tummy
F Gnow let the breeze be felt, let go my pale skin
Amoh the blow
Coh the blow you have my hunger
Amyou have my quake, you have my thunder
F Gand when I turned to go then you took my best friend
CYou omnivore devouring blindly
AmI heard your slurping sounds behind me
F GAs I ran you took the joy of giving in
CI give up on your dark looming
Am I see you I say, "Good bye human"
F GNow give him back, give it back I want my own wind
AmTo blow
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