Mount Eerie - Winds Dark Poem chords

Hey, so this was a surprisingly difficult song to work out.

I mean, firstly the song is something of an exercise in dissonance,
I am fairly sure there are different chords layered all over themselves,
the most notable being the Abm with the C#m,
and the B with an F#5 rumbling beneath it,
but here I have opted for the chord that makes the most sense,
and which can be played on one guitar and sung along to.

So necessarily this tab has ended up being a combination of things,
a video of Phil performing an acoustic version helped,
but I tried to make this reflect the studio version,
with that being the most familiar.

The timing of the post-wind noise section,
it is a bit off-kilter in the acoustic thing,
so the chords here are mapped to the studio-recorded vocals.





e|------|b|------|g|-3----|---slight bend on the g stringd|----4-|a|------|e|------|
e|------|b|------|g|-4--3-|---go ahead and whack a slight bend on these tood|------|a|------|e|------|
I WILL REFER TO THEM BELOW AS (1) AND (2) IT IS THE EASIEST WAY I COULD THINK TO DO IT ------------------------------------------------------------------------ The intro is a frantically picked Abm for about 30 seconds, then this happens:
Carry on frantically picking C#m for a while, then two single massive strums of Abm, and then...
Abm B ...voice of wind, the air in the branches
(1) E AbmSounded like words, whispering a spell on me
(2) E Until I heard
AbmNow I see shapes in the low light
BThe earth quakes in the twilight
C#mI see flames in my calm life
EHear the wind's dark poem
(((frantic Abm picking with violent wind, if there is some nearby)))
AbmYou can see from above, the rocks sticking out of
B (1)the yard behind the house make stone constellations,
E Ebm Ebm7 half-buried in the dusk, the unformed stories
Abmcoming to life while I sleep.
BThe breath moves branches saying words that I don't know,
(1) Ea new poem, a song I sang in a dream.
Ebm Ebm7The lights of town faint,
Abmsomething is exhaling in the sound of traffic far away.
B (1)Something is happening. Wind's dark poem describes,
E Ebm Ebm7 calligraphy of branches writes, stone constellation alive.
Abm BThe house is built on a boulder, soil returns to the wind.
(1) Bones will blow in pink light.
E The distant sound is saying my name,
Ebm Ebm7 the wind is taking pieces.
Abm Abm Wind's dark poem is about the constantly roaring decay
F#5The destruction of every day, and every morning's waking.
(((stop playing, sing against the gentle hum of silence))) But even as spring is bringing blossoms back among leaves, the cold wind blows when night falls, and the bare branches bend. (((gentle hum of silence becomes tidal wave of sound))) (((end)))
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