Mount Eerie – I Say No chords

I say no-mount eerie

tabbed by:nicholas klose

the intro is this chord kind of strummed a little I think.
Dm F CSome people say, "Arise, arise, arise! Live friend, live!"
FI say "Die."
C BbI say shade yourself.
Dm C FI say shine what precious light you have into caves
Cb Dm C FAnd when it dies out steady, I say find life where you foolishly saw graves
(repeat the chords from the first verse in the same way to the next verses.) Some people say to try, and try, and try, "Fight and save yourself!" I say "Give." I say send them off I say shed whatever husk if you are ripe And if you're not, be fragrant then I say give no matter how it hurts, give in Some people say "the sky, the sky, the sky, have you noticed it?" I close my eyes, I say nothing now There's a ringing in my ears that's faint and high And when I listen close to it, it says-
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