Mount Moriah – We Dont Need That Much chords

Mount Moriah – “We Don’t Need That Much”
From the self-titled record

D: X-X-0-2-3-2
G: 3-2-0-0-3-3
C: X-3-2-0-1-0
A: X-0-2-2-2-0
A7: X-0-2-2-2-3

[D] Honey we don’t [G] need that [D] much
Flannel [G] shirts, a coffee, and [C] camp[G]ing [A] cups [A7]
[D] We’ll use our [G] hands to [C] work [G] and [D] love
 [D] Oh the [G] blessings that will [D] come

[D] Honey we don’t [G] need that [D] much
A winter [G] fire, a summer [C] swimm[G]ing [A] hole [A7][D] Just hold me [G] tight and [C] hold [G] me [D] close
[D] Through the [G] seasons I’ll watch you [D] grow INSTRUMENTAL BREAK: [A] [G] [D] [C] [G] [A] [A7] [D] [G] [C] [G] [D] [D] [G] [D] [D] Honey when it [G] comes to offering [D] up A can of [G] coins will never prove [C] what [G] we’re [A] worth [A7] [D] You have my [G] word and you [C] have [G] my [D] trust [D] We’ll have [G] more than [D] enough [A] [G] [D]
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