Mountain Goats - The Black Ice Cream Song tab

OK I looked around the internets for a tab but for w/e reason there doesn't seem to be 
 Well I found one and it was most assuredly wrong because it didn't have that D minorish 
chord anywhere in it.  I don't really know what it is I suck at theory and don't even try.

where i put the chords just listen for how many times he strums it.  like the first 
listed is a C just listen for the rhythm.

k i played it a few times and it sounds right but i make no guarantees.  :P

   G                        C                           G          (repeats)

The heat came dooooowwwwnnnnnn... G C (It's just those 2 chords repeating)
(About 30 seconds in is the only other change in the song and it's that D minorish chord.) ...and I knew I living in a long lost (or long long) dream... ...when you fed me the black ice cream... Dm7#?! C G
Ta da! That's it. I love this song. It's so simple and perfect and it's a great song to learn and sing to. -laughing blood
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