Mountain Goats – Heretic Pride tab

Intro AE|-----------------------------------|B|-2--------2--------2--------2------|G|----2--------2--------2--------4-2-|D|------2--------2--------2----------|A|-----------------------------------|E|-----------------------------------|
A Well they come and pull me from my house D And they drag my body through the streets E D And the sun’s so hot I think I’ll catch fire and burn up A in the summer air so moist and sweet A And the people all come out to cheer D Rocks in the pathway break my skin E D And there’s honeysuckle on the faint breeze today A With every breath I’m drawing in F#m D I want to cry out but I don’t scream and I don’t shout A D And I feel so proud to be alive A E D And I feel so proud to when the reckoning arrives
Riff 2x AE|-----------------------------------|B|-2--------2--------2--------2------|G|----2-----(4)2--------2-----(4)2---|D|------2--------2--------2--------2-|A|-----------------------------------|E|-----------------------------------|
A Crowds grow denser by the second D As we near the center of the town E D And they dig a trench right in the main square right there A And they pick me up and throw me down A And I start laughing like a child D And I mark their faces one by one E D Transfigurations gonna come for me at last A And I will burn hotter than the sun F#m D I waited so long and now I taste jasmine on my tongue A D And I feel so proud to be alive A E D And I feel so proud when the reckoning arrives Riff 4x end on A
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