Mountain Goats - There Will Be No Divorce chords

chords:  F (133211)
         C (x32010)


Strum on F and Bb  then the fill goes

e ---------------------------|b ---------------------------|g ---------------------------|d ---------------------------|a 1-0-1-0-1-0-1-3------------|E ----------------1----------|
Fthe rain fell all night
Bband it kept me awake
Fit was still falling by morning.
Bbit was hard to take.
Cand you were sleeping on the floor,
Bbbreathing free and even,
Fif i ever want to drive myself insane,
Bb Call i have to do is watch you breathing
Fand at 5 AM,
Bbi turned the radio on,
Fand an old mans voice
Bb Csang a short sweet song,
Fand then the static roared again
Bbhungry for blood
Fi heard the rain falling from the rain spout
Bbdown down into the sweet wet mud,
Cand you punched out all the windows
Bband the wind began to wail
Fand you gathered your hair behind your head
Bb Clike god was gonna catch you by the pony tail,
Fand then the old voice crackled through the
Bband i felt young and alive
Fand the hair stood up on the back of my neck
Bb Cwe were rising from the grave, yeah yeah.
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