Mountain Goats - Matthew 25 21 chords

Dmaj7 D6sus2 Dsus4 D5 they'd hooked you up to a fentanyl drip
Dmaj7 Dsus4 D6sus2 D5 to mitigate the pain a little bit
Dmaj7 Dsus4 D6sus2 D5 i flew in from pennsylvania
Dmaj7 Dsus4 D6sus2 D5 when i heard the hour was coming fast
Bm G D5 And i docked in santa barbara
Bm G D5 tried to brace myself
Bm G D5 but you can't brace yourself
Bm G Asus4when the time comes you just have to roll with the blast
Em Gand i'm an 18-wheeler headed down the interstate
D5 A Gand my brakes are gonna give and i won't know til it's too late
C Dtires screaming when i lose control
Asus4 Gtry not to hurt too many people when i roll
[instrumental] Dmaj7 Dsus4 D6sus2 D5 Dmaj7 D6sus2 Dsus4 D5
Dmaj7 Dsus4 D6sus2 D5 find the harbor freeway and head south
Dmaj7 D6sus2 Dsus4 D5 real tired, head kind of light
Dmaj7 D6sus2 Dsus4 D5i found telegraph road, i'd only seen the name on envelopes
Dmaj7 Dsus4 D6sus2 D5found the parking lot and turned right
Bm G D5i felt all the details carving out space in my head
Bm G D5tropicanas on the walkway neon red
Bm G D5between the pain and the pills trying to hold it at bay
Bm G Asus4stands a traveler going somewhere far away
Em Gand i am an airplane tumbling wing over wing
D5 A Gtry to listen to my instruments they don't say anything
C Dpeople screaming when the engines quit
Asus4 Gi hope we're all in crash position when we hit
[instrumental] Dmaj7 D6sus2 Dsus4 D5 Dmaj7 D6sus2 Dsus4 D5 Dmaj7 D6sus2 Dsus4 D5 Dmaj7 D6sus2 Dsus4 D5
Dmaj7 D6sus2 and then came to your bedside
Dsus4 and as it turns out
D5i'm not ready
Dmaj7 D6sus2 and as though
Dsus4 D5 you were speaking through a thick haze
Dmaj7 D6sus2 Dsus4 D5 you said hello to me
Bm G D5we all stood there around you
Bm G D5happy to hear you speak
Bm G D5the last of something bright burning
Bm Gstill burning
Asus4beyond the cancer and the chemotherapy
Em Gand you were a presence full of light upon this earth
D5 A Gand i am a witness to your life and to its worth
C Dit's three days later when i get the call
Asus4 Gand there's nobody around to break my fall
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