Mountain Goats – Lovecraft In Brooklyn chords

Song: Lovecraft in Brooklyn
Artist: The Mountain Goats


A A-B x3

A A-G 

A A-B 

Verse 1
A A-BIt’s gonna be too hot to breathe today
A A-BBut everybody’s out here on the street
A A-GSomebody’s opened up the fire hydrant
A A-BCold water rushing out in sheets
Some kid in a marcus alan jersey Asks me for a cigarette Companionship is where you find it So I take what I can get Chorus
AHubcaps on the cars like funhouse mirrors
GStick to the shadows when I can
B (7th fret harmonics ring out) Lovecraft in Brooklyn Verse 2 When the sun goes down the armies of the voiceless Several hundred thousand strong Call me without their bandages Their voices raised in song When the streetlights sputter out They make this awful sizzling sound I cast my gaze towards the pavement Too many bloodstains on the ground Chorus Rhode island drops into the ocean No place to call home anymore Lovecraft in Brooklyn Bridge
GHead outside most
AEveryday to
Gtry to keep the
Awolves away
Gimagine nice things
A GI might say
Aif company should come
Verse 3 woke up afraid of my own shadow like genuinely afraid headed for the pawnshop to buy myself a switchblade someday something’s coming from way out beyond the stars to kill us while we stand here it’ll store our brains in mason jars Chorus and then the girl behind the counter she asks me how I feel today I feel like lovecraft in Brooklyn (Yeah!) [not cheering for myself for submitting a tab, John Darnielle says that in the song]
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