Mountain Goats – Hebrews 11 40 chords

                         HEBREWS 11:40 - The Mountain Goats

Tabbed by: Macheeoo


This is not exactly how John plays it. He uses no capo and has a few open
 strings ringing. This is my version CAPO 2 which shows the exact chords.

D  A  Em  G    x4

D A Em GMasks hanging on the tomb walls
D A Em G Where the coven grieves
D A Em GWitches hiding in the bramble, ground level
D A Em G down where the dry leaves
Bm ABlow and burn slowly
G DNo ground is ever gonna hold me
(Repeat Intro)
D A Em GBright candles in the manor
D A Em G Where the curse takes hold
D A Em GBodies reassembling down where the worms crawl
D A Em GMake your own friends when the world's gone cold
Bm AIt gets dark and then
G DI feel certain I am going to rise again
Bm AIf not by faith then by the sword
GI'm going to be restored
(Repeat Intro)
D A Em GBuild fires to keep the beacon flashing
D A Em G Where the earth lies flat
D A Em GBlood calls to blood as the hours draw down
D A Em GInvent my own family if it comes to that
Bm AHold them close, hold them near
G DTell them no one's ever going to hurt them here
(Repeat Intro)
D A Em GSteal the treasure and try to leave town
D A Em G Fight my way back down
D A Em G Don't want to hurt anyone
D A Em GProbably gonna have to before it's all done
Bm ATake to the hills right away
G DI'm gonna get my perfect body back someday
Bm AIf not by faith then by the sword
GI'm going to be restored
(Repeat Intro) End on Em
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