Mountain Goats – Genesis 303 chords

G# Bb for several days the visitors were here
C# Ebwe saw them turn down and we watched them disappear
G# Bbtalked about the days they said were sure to come
C# Ebhad a hard time believing
G# F# Fm C# G# F# Fm C# i remember seeing you, my tongue struck dumb when you first came here from wherever it was you came from the power in your voice, your rough touch you keeping care of me, keeping watch
Fmopen up
Bbthe doors to the tent
C# Ebwonder where the good times went
G# F#i will do what you ask me to do
Fm C#because of how i feel about you
G# F# Fm C# G# F# Fm C# i saw his little face contract as his eyes met light try to imagine anything so bright you only see it once and it sails under the dawn and then it's gone forever for several hours we lay there, last ones of our kind harder days coming maybe, i don't mind it sounds kind of dumb when i say it but it's true i would do anything for you open up the promise of the day drive the dark things away i will do what you ask me to do because of how i feel about you
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