Mountain Goats - Going To Queens chords version 1

D  A  G  D (2x)
D A GThe ghostly sing-song
DOf the children playing double-dutch
D AI felt the wind come through the window
G DI felt it turn around and switch back
AIn thesecond story room
G DIn jamaica queens
D AYour hair was dripping wet
G DYour skin was clean
D AAnd the children skipping rope
G DTripled their speed
AYou were all I'd ever wanted
G DYou were all I'd ever need
In new york city
AIn the middle of july
G DThe air was heavy and wet
AThe air was heavy, your body was heavy on mine
G DI will know who you are yet
A D A G D (3x) D D DI will know who you are yet
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