Mountain Goats – International Small Arms Traffic Blues tab

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i keep my guitar in low C.  to convert to standard tuning, subtract 4 from the bottom 
numbers (the C line), subtract 2 from the low G line, and move the 7-6-'s up a string.  
446XXX is an Emaj, so play 0221XX instead.

intro bit:D|----------------|----------------|A|----------------|----------------|G|----------------|----------------|D|--------7-6-----|7-6-2-----6-6-6-|G|----4-4-----4-4-|------4---4-4-4-|C|4---------------|----------4-4-4-|
D|----------------|----------------| these two measures are Riff 1A|----------------|----------------|G|----------------|----------------|D|6-------7-6-----|7-6-2-----6-6-6-|G|4---4-4-----4-4-|------4---4-4-4-|C|4---------------|----------4-4-4-|
E A E Riff 1 my love is like a powder keg E A E my love is like a powder keg B E in the corner of an empty warehouse A E B Riff 1 (2x) somewhere just outside of town, about to burn down E A E Riff 1 my love is like a cuban plane E A E my love is like a cuban plane B E flying from havana A E B Riff 1 (2x) up the florida coast to the 'glades, soviet made
followed by a slightly modified Riff 1:D|----------------|----------------|A|----------------|----------------|G|----------------|----4-----------|D|6-------7-6-----|7-6---6---6-6-6-|G|4---4-4-----4-4-|----------4-4-4-|C|4---------------|----------4-4-4-|
Riff 1 again E A Riff 1 our love is like the border between greece and albania E A Riff 1 our love is like the border between greece and albania B E trucks loaded down with weapons A E B crossing over every night, moon yellow and briiiiiight A E there is a shortage in the blood supply A E but there is no shortage of blood A E the way i feel about you baby, can't explain it slightly different here B Riff 1 (4x) just hit the strings harder but you've got the best of my love and it will sound close
ending with:D|----------------|----------------|A|----------------|----------------|G|----------------|----------------|D|6-------7-6-----|7-6-7-6---6-6-6-|G|4---4-4-----4-4-|----------4-4-4-|C|4---------------|----------4-4-4-|
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