Mountain Goats - Home Again Garden Grove tab version 1

		    HOME AGAIN GARDEN GROVE - Mountain Goats

Tabbed by: lostpanda

Tuning: standard 

Listen to the song for the strum pattern

chords used: B Em G A A2 E F#e|-----------------------0---2----------------------------------------------B|---4---8---3---2---3---0---2----------------------------------------------G|---4---9---4---2---2---1---3----------------------------------------------D|---4---9---5---2---2---2---4----------------------------------------------A|---2---7---5---0---0---2---4----------------------------------------------E|-----------3--------------------------------------------------------------
B Em (4x) B G (2x) B Wipe down the windshields and roll down the windows G Let's go where the jackals are breeding B Wrap this bandana around your head G A Don't let anyone see that you're bleeding B A A2 A (2x) B Fire up the scanner and keep your eyes on it G Don't speak unless someone speaks to you B Hands in your pockets and sun on your face G A The warm love of God coursing through you B E Home again B E F# B E F# Home again Garden Grove B G Garden Grove B G B I can remember when we were in high school G Our dreams were like fugitive warlords B Plotting triumphant returns to the city G A Keeping Tec-9's tucked under the floorboards B A A2 A Ah B A A2 A B Now we are practical men of the world G We tether our dreams to the turf B And cruise down these alleys for honey to feed them G A Jellyfish riding the surf B E Shoving our heads straight into the guts of the stove B Home again E F# B E F# Garden Grove B G Garden Grove B G B Em (4x) B
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