Mountain Goats - Oceanographers Choice tab version 1


Tabbed by:  lostpanda

Tuning:  standard

Gm Bb Eb C F De|--3---6-----------1-------------------------------------------------------B|--3---6---8---5---1---7---------------------------------------------------G|--3---7---8---5---2---7---------------------------------------------------D|--5---8---8---5---3---7---------------------------------------------------A|--5---8---6---3---3---5---------------------------------------------------E|--3---6-----------1-------------------------------------------------------
Gm Well, guy in a skeleton costume Bb Eb Comes up to the guy in the Superman suit Gm Runs through him with a broadsword I flipped the television off Bb Eb Bring all the bright lights up Gm Turn the radio up loud C I don't know why I'm so persuaded F That if I think things through Eb Long enough and hard enough D I'll somehow get to you Gm But then you came in and we locked eyes C You kicked the ashtray over as we came toward each other Eb Stubbed my cigarette out against the west wall D And quickly lit another Gm Look at that Would you look at that? C We're throwing off sparks Gm F C Gm What will I do when I don't have you Bb Gm To hold onto in the dark? Gm Yes, everybody's gonna need a witness Bb Eb Everybody's gonna need a little back up Gm In case the scene gets nasty You throw the attic window open Bb Eb And I throw myself all around you Gm And night comes to Tallahassee C F I don't know why it's gotten harder to keep myself away Eb Thought I'd finally beat the feeling back D It all came back today Gm And then we fell down and we locked arms C We knocked the dresser over as we rolled across the floor Eb I don't mean it when I tell you D That I don't love you anymore Gm Look at that Would you look at that? C The way the ceiling starts to swerve Gm F C Gm What will I do when I don't have you Bb When I finally get what I deserve? Gm
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