Mountain Goats - Game Shows Touch Our Lives tab

	    GAME SHOWS TOUCH OUR LIVES - Mountain Goats

Tabbed by:  lostpanda

Tuning: standard G C F De|--3---0---1---2-----------------------------------------------------------|B|--0---1---1---3-----------------------------------------------------------|G|--0---0---2---2-----------------------------------------------------------|D|--0---2---3---0-----------------------------------------------------------|A|--2---3---3---------------------------------------------------------------|E|--3-----------------------------------------------------------------------|
G C F (4x) G Dug up a fifth of Hood River gin C That stuff tastes like medicine F C But I'll take it G It'll do G On the couch in the living room all day long C Music on the television playing our song F C I'm in the mood G The mood for you G C F (2x) G Turn the volume up real high C All of that money look at it fly F C G And you smoking like a chimney G Shadows crawled across the living room's length C I held onto you with a desperate strength F C G With everything with everything in me D C And I handed you a drink of a lovely little thing G On which our survival depends D C People say friends don't destroy one another D What do they know about friends? G C F (4x) G Thunderclouds forming cream white moon C Everything's going to be okay soon F C Maybe tomorrow G Maybe the next day G Carried you up the stairs that night C All of this could be yours if the price is right F C I heard cars headed down to oblivion G Up on the expressway D Your drunken kisses as light as the air C G Maybe everything that falls down eventually rises D Our house sinking into disrepair C G Ah but look at this showroom filled with fabulous prizes G G C F
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