Mountain Goats - Store tab

Song: Store
Band: The Mountain Goats
Album: [untitled] Sub-pop singles collection 7"

No one probably even has this record, but this song is amazing.  Enjoy.


G G C D G G D G G C In the 5 minutes worth of lost time that I had G D when I was passed out on the supermarket floor G C I saw you at the head of the heavenly chorus G D G and I heard your song ringing all through the store G G C D G G D G G C In the 5 minutes when my broadcast got preempted G D I saw you touchdown you were no longer dead G C I was happy to see ya I had lots of questions G D G but I put my hand to the wound in your head Chorus: C G ah the blood all of that blood C E C D G all of that warm blood flowing freely from you Intro Rif G C In the 5 minutes when I was dead to the world G D in a place far away from my friends and my home G C I saw you with a smile on your radiant face G D G amidst all of the cans and the glass and the chrome Intro Rif G C In those 5 minutes my signal was jammed G D the frequencies that I received were so pure G C that I almost believed that the sight of the hole G D G in your skull was a thing that my heart could endure Chorus G G D C G G D G
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