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                     "Sometimes You Just Can't Win"
                  (Robin Hood Brians - Knox Henderson)

	C Bb/C F   Bb     F   C Bb/C F   Bb                Am  Gm
	/ /    / / / /    / / / /    / / / /    / / / /    / / / /

Verse 1:

	             F    C Bb/C F
	I've never known
	      Bb       F    C Bb/C F
	Many sunshiny days
	            Bb          F    C Bb/C F
	And things seldom work out
	           Bb            F    C Bb/C F F7
	They just don't come my way
	              Bb   Dm/A  Gm7
	But I can be happy
	       Gm7/C            F   C Bb/C F
	Just to say I've known you
	       Bb            F      C Bb/C F
	And to see you each morning
	         Bb            (Bb)  Am Gm F [N.C.]
	Makes my day seem less blue


	[1: For  2: And how] a false-hearted lover
	Am                      Bb    Am Gm F
	   And a fair-weather friend
	                Dm     F/C
	Took all I own from me
	         Bb [N.C.]
	And sometimes
	  Am           Gm         F   C Bb/C F
	Sometimes you just can't win


	If I could live my life over
	C7                    F
	   If I could do it again
	I'd never chase women
	C7                         F
	   I'd try so hard not to sin
	But one thing's for certain
	Cm           F7            Bb
	   I'd stay away from her door
	F7/A                  G7
	     And you'd never find me
	Beggin' for more

Verse 2:

	Now that it's finished
	My time is fast running out
	I know I could never
	Change my life about
	What was started is ending
	My sight is fast growing dim
	But I cannot forget her
	And I still think of him

[repeat chorus]


	F7                    Bb [N.C.]
	   I try so hard but sometimes
	  Am           Gm         F    C Bb/C  F [end cold]
	Sometimes you just can't win

-- another ace 60's tab from Andrew Rogers
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