Moxy Fruvous - Heatseeker Boy chords

Am D G EmLittle song in an elevator, that's where you got your start
Am D G G7The man said, "Kid's here's one I think you'll enjoy."
Am D G EmA couple hundred thousand later, A couple dozen broken hearts
Am CmOne big new sound - Heatseeker
G C G CmBoy Boy Boy
Am D G EmWith a suit made by Versace, hair like Chihuahua fur
Am D G G7I had a hunch you were the real McCoy (the real McCoy)
Am D G EmCoca-Cola and Hitachi want you as their messenger
Am DYou're breaking ground - Heatseeker
G C GBoy Boy Boy
BWhen you lost on the Grammy's
EmTo Bustier and the Sassy Crew
C F Em A You made the headlines anyhow
Am DNumber four with a bullet this week
Am D GWhen will you reach your peak Heatseeker Boy?
-Solo - 1/2 verse - - Shut Down -
Am D G EmSo goodnight Carmelita Cupcake, so long little Pikachu
Am D G G7The world falls in love with a new plastic toy
Am D G EmNow when I'm on the subway, everyone's singing you
Am DHalifax to The Hague and Hong Kong,
Am DSoftly killing us with your song
Am DYou sure get around Heatseeker
G C G Cm Am DBoy Heatseeker
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