Moya Brennan – Perfect Time chords


Perfect Time – capo 3

Intro: Am   Am/G  Cm/F   Cm/G   Am
       Am   Dm   G   C   F   G   Em

Am DBelieve me, I'm not afraid to
Am DTeach me to learn Your ways
Am DCarry me under Your wings
Em GIn Your perfect time
Am DOnly You, can dreams come true
Am DOnly You can make me shine
Am DOnly You, can days be right
Em GIn Your perfect time
Am Am/G Am/F Am/G AmI know You told me that I'm not alone
(same as above) You know I couldn't do it on my own
Am D G CSee my eyes are older now
F G EmBroken dreams behind
Am D G CFill my heart with precious love
F G EmI know it's there to find
(Chorus) Precious love You gave me Precious love I know forgiveness is the key, not pride I want to heal this pain I hide inside Free my fears and promise me That You won't let me go You're the One to comfort me The past, my God, You know (Chorus 3x)
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